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Hey what’s going on guys! Welcome to the golden hour… This is Hira aka your troubleshooter girl. Thanks for stopping by. Talking about What is this channel all about. What is this Pakistani, head-covered girl is doing on podcast? So let me tell you so by day I am a business analyst. but this channel is really all about an opportunity for me to share some of my learnings, some of my experiences and stories. I love to see people thrive. I am interested in topics like self-development, management, creativity, arts , home and most importantly well-being. If you are interested in any of those kind of things do me a favor hit that subscribe button. Hangout! join the community! Be my guest! I will love to have you as a part of my gang here. I will catch you in the next tape!

You can listen to me now on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

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