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Hello & Welcome to

The Golden H !

Hi! I'm Hira! I'm glad you decided to stop by,

I'm a food lover, home organizer & a wanderlust living to the fullest. I promote self-care & self-building with a sprinkle indulgence through my blog. 

What is The Golden H? 

The Golden H is my online home where you'll find home improvement tips, wholesome recipes, my expeditions, and some philosophical posts. 

I created this blog because google didn't answer most of the questions when I was searching for them... and then I thought there'll be more girls like me who are searching and wondering when feeling inadequate. 

Where to start? 

If you're new to The Golden H, here are some great places to start : 

  • Check the Recipe corner to explore something extra in the kitchen.

Join the community!

I'll love to hear from folks with the same affinity for living, love, fashion, world affairs, lifestyle, luxury, and much more. 
If you don’t already–come to follow me over on Instagram and hang out with

me on Instagram stories!

I'll love to hear from you all!




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