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The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

Reading and implementing The Four Agreements had a profound impact on me. It touches all the aspects of your life by covering these four rules. There are many magnitudes in these four agreements if you internalize them, reflect upon them, and utilize them in your personal and professional life. These four agreements are an optimal approach to bring actions into forming longterm habits.

The Agreements are :

Be Impeccable with your words

Be impeccable with words focuses on the importance of communication. The author defines this as that word holds a lot of power. Whatever is said by us or whatever is said to us holds much weight and can affect us positively and negatively. So one should be very cautious and aware of the kind of information through words that are put out or are consumed. Are we consuming information that is empowering or consuming information that is causing one to be agitated or hatred? The word can enter our minds, rewire our brain, and results in changing the belief system for better or for worse.

Do not take anything personally

So we get a stimulus from the external world every day. We are contracted with a lot of external forces, but we should know how to take this all information and filter it into our system. When you take what someone said personally, you agree to what they said.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, " No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.".

Do not make assumptions

We make assumptions on what others are doing or thinking, and then we blame them by sending them emotional poison by our words. Our assumptions result in blaming other people, putting the responsibility on the other person for your happiness. The only one who is responsible for your happiness is yourself.

Always do your best

Doing best goes to building a platform to perform the best of our abilities. Which means doing best at all times and not only do the best when there is a reward. The main focus should be on enjoying the process and taking action. Be courageous to take risks. Human behavior is adapted by constant repetition and consistent action, therefore performing the best of the abilities. By doing the best at all times, over time, reaches the point of mastery.

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