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Simon Sinek - Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

After watching the lecture by Simon Sinek, "Why good leaders make you safe," the primary purpose was to identify the top quality of a great leader. In his speech, he makes it specific to leaders who like to serve to make you safe. His address is intellectual, persuasive, and inspirational for companies, politicians, and students. It is helpful to rewire their thinking, acting, and communicating approach.

In Sinek's, previous lecture the golden circle, he asks leaders to define them why to know their purpose in this lecture. In this one, he knits a circle of safety (subject from his book leaders eats last), which is to enhance the feeling of trust to make bold decisions. The two banks of this lecture are leaders who serve, and leaders make others feel safe. Sinek uses the example of Captain William Wilson's bravery and selflessness as the trait of a leader. Moreover, he explains that marines' officers eat last, resulting in no food in the end, but his men bring him food in the field. This calls for them to be the leaders because they are the ones who take risks first, and they call to sacrifice so their people may gain, and so the natural response to this act will be that these people will sacrifice for the leaders and their vision.

Cover Image courtesy ; Video Coutesy Tedtalk


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