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Revisiting Eid (April 2023)

Salam Hello Salam Girls!

It’s better to be late than never! This is a late post ... trust me, Texas heat in Ramadan really melted us. We couldn’t wait much for Eid Day so we could get back to our regular routine. On Eid Day, I was overjoyed as my mum was coming over to celebrate with us. I feel when you are an adult and married; you have a newfound excitement to see your parents. Most importantly, it was the first time when my mum and Sara enjoyed Eid feasts together!

For Day 1 - Abaya I am wearing is two separate pieces from Veiled. I feel it was perfect for Eid at home this year!

For Day 2 – My mom designed this neon dress for me, and she is wearing a powder blue. I paired my dress with sandals from (LINK) and my pearl bag that looks super cute!

Let me know how you guys enjoyed with your parents and what you did Eid ?!?


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