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Hello and Welcome to know it all Wednesday!

We have taken our bones for granted. I am a dairy-free person. I try not to consume dairy of any sort. But we all know dairy has calcium and we all need calcium for our bones.

During my research, osteopenia got my attention.

Osteopenia is a condition where your body lack in its calcium density. The attack of osteopenia occurs at the age of 50 but can be detected as early as 30. Having osteopenia can increase high risk of fractures, however, it's symptomless .

With the help of a DXA scan, bone density can be measured. It is unfortunate if your T score in the test is between -1.1 and -2.5, this means you have osteopenia. If you've got listed risk factors check with your doctor ( highly recommended after menopause ).

Very common triggers are :

  • You're underweight ( BMI is under 18.5 )

  • Your daily calcium intake is less than 1000mg You are or were a smoker

  • You're not active

  • You have an eating disorder

  • You have osteoporosis in genes

  • You're a binge drinker

  • You went through menopause before 40

  • You have celiac disease, bowel disease or diabetes

  • You inject steroids

These may sound little things but little care for yourself leads to healthy living!


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