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Lunar New Year - Year of Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year Girlies!

Last week was all about culture exploration in

H-town. I believe in kids' exposure to different cultures earlier is important so they have acceptance of fellow cultures. We've been out and about in little areas of Houston missing no chance of a Lunar New Year celebration. It was like living in a 'Crazy Rich Asian' festive world. We went to two locations; Montrose Collective and, Asia Society Texas.

Montrose Collective hosted an evening event. The main event was arranged in the courtyard therefore on the outskirts many vendors had their booths promoting Asian jewelry, art, and food. Sara was enjoying the crowd and red and gold balloons ofcourse .

Once the performance was about to start many people gathered around for the dragon dance performance. It was a mesmerizing performance, however, sadly Sara was so tired and scared of the loud drum sounds that we had to leave early.

Asia Society Texas hosted an all-day event with two sessions for Ticketed theatre Asian performances and two dragon dance performances for the public at various times.

This event was indoors. There were multiple vendors spread throughout the buildings. The most interesting ones were corechet handmade flowers and toys which was on the lower level and the Calligraphy station which was on the second level. Sara had so much fun making dragon puppets. I on the other hand was interested in our Chinese zodiac custom badges.

When the lion-dragon dance started Sara clinged on to Taha- she was scared of the beat. It was so loud that it was hitting the heart that we had to take her to another area. It was a beautiful performance. It was indoor and they traveled from the top level to the lower level and so forth.

One thing that I love about cultural experiences is that people are in celebration spirit - In these events, Asians were enjoying their culture and were warm and welcoming with other ethnicity folks. Overall it was a fun experience for us! #thingstodoinhouston #thingstodointexas #houston #travel 


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