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Law of Waste

Dr. Naseer Ahmed Nassir, an Islamic scholar (author of Husn-e-Quran), defines the law of wastage as a miscarriage of one's relationship by God. The elaboration of the idea is our mental and natural thought procedure and scenario that repeatedly question on our failures HOW? WHY? AND WHY ME? The counterpoint is the set belief that “ Everything happens with the will of God.” If a relationship or an event was destined to not work out, the first natural thought triggers are that “God/Faith/Universe may not want it to happen!” Next thought that comes in our head that if it wasn't supposed to happen " why we came across it? " And the best answer for me to this is, to teach us a lesson! However, the Law of wastage is the idea that revolves around the pop-up question of, " why me? "

And the simple answer to this is maybe, the perfect picture was destined to happen and it was in your faith but it went in the drain. Well, the harsh reality is it didn't proceed further was due to the ill intentions and negativity brought in by another person, therefore God / Faith / Universe let it go for your own benefit. A good example is none other than the high divorce rate; If your spouse is cheating on you ( negative intentions/act) , Almighty will waste that relationship due to rotten vibes brought in, despite the act of sincerity, affection and time that was given by you,( it was meant to be but it dissolved ) known as Gods law of wastage.


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