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FUNBOX in Houston

Hey all, If you are following me on Instagram, you have already seen the post about my adventure to Funbox - the world's biggest bounce park - a 25,000-square-foot inflatable bouncing mania.

Honestly, it was so much fun - I thought Sara would only be the one enjoying bouncing, but Taha and I didn't miss the chance to be her age.

It offers about 90 minutes of play for $19 per person - also, they donate generously to charities, which is great! When we got in the lane, the staff person stamped on our hand - they require us to wear socks, and if you do have socks on, don't you worry, they've got you covered. They have bubble blowings on the outskirts of the bouncing castle and also food and drink vendors.

The exciting part for me was to see Sara bouncing her heart out - she was so energetic.

The part that Taha and I enjoyed a lot was an obstacle challenge.

I am glad we made it on time and didn't miss an ounce of fun at Funbox. If you are in the Houston Katy area, do visit it.

That's it for today! Happy Wednesday!


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