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Blue Abaya + Spice Vanilla Scarf

Scarf: Vela - Spice Vanilla Scarf

I’ve always loved different textures and prints with plain scarves. Not only it's modest but I think it's a very put-together high end and easy way to game up your style.

1. Open Abaya Set

I’ve had this abaya set for over a year now and have worn it multiple times, but this is my first time sharing it with you all. On the plus side, it’s a gorgeous color and is actually 100% polyester at a price point you will NOT find anywhere else for this fabric.

In terms of the fit, the length is a little long on petites but this seems to be the standard. The inside dress snugs perfectly and the cover abaya gives a modest appeal.

2. Vela Scarf

I styled my abaya set with Vela scarf in the shade Spice Vanilla. I absolutely love their bamboo material as it's breathable and gives a very high-end vibe with little effort . I am wearing a standard size.

3. Slip Sandal

This Aldo slip sandal goes with everything. Though I can’t speak to this year’s exact version in case they made any updates. I couldn't find the exact one on their site but here is something similar.

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