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11 Simple Ways To Fancy Egg and Toast

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Hello Loves! Today, I wanted to share with you my morning egg toast varieties! Every time I share my food on my Instastory, I get so many questions about recipes and to share more, so I will be adding recipes to the blog frequently!

One thing I can not live without is a boiled egg and whole wheat toast. This is the perfect meal to gear me up for a long day of strolling with Sara! I hope you enjoy my egg and toast varieties as much as I do.

Avocado + Tomato

Top your avocado whole wheat toast with hard-boiled egg and cherry tomatoes.

Avacado + Egg + Cracked Pepper

Mash a soft-boiled or poached egg on your avocado toast and sprinkle with Himalayan salt and cracked Pepper.

Egg + Toast

Classic egg on whole wheat toast.

Everything bagel + Mixed peppers + Egg

Also, season everything with bagel seasoning and mixed pepper for a kick.

Avacado + Egg + Everything bagel seasoning + Honey

Smashed avocado with egg, everything bagel seasoning, and a drizzle of honey. Everything + Onion

Crumble egg on with the. topping of sliced avocado, honey, everything bagel, and red onion for crisp.

Ginger + Onion

Sometimes spice is needed in the morning. Egg Toast with salt, pepper, and garlic powder topped with diced onion and cilantro.

Avacado + Onion + Mixed Peppers

Avocado toast and egg with red onions, cracked pepper, and Himalayan salt

Honey + Cherry Tomato

Sliced egg on toast with cherry tomatoes, honey and cilantro.

Tomato + Cucumber + Cilantro

Simple whole wheat toast topped with Tomato, cilantro, cucumber, and hard-boiled egg.

Sweet potato + Avocado + Egg

This one is my favorite! Sweet potato sliced and baked topped with egg, avocado, and tomato.

Try them and let me know! Enjoy 😊


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